Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Choice is Clear! July/August is Plato's Republic

 The results are in! Although not many voted, the clear winner is The Republic by Plato. 

@premieretat did an amazing video on this book which you can find on his Odysee page. I think that he'll have a lot of very interesting things to say during these next couple months!


The Republic is one of the most influential books on philosophy of all time.

I read this book a year ago and boy is it difficult. You have to get used to their old way of speaking and look up quite a few new words if you aren't well versed in pre-Christ language, but the history and especially philosophy of the book is so interesting that it is well worth the challenge!

Thanks to all who are involved in the club and happy reading!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

1984 Crossword and Word Search

 Hey everyone! I thought I'd give you a couple fun little games to play while you're reading the book. One is a crossword and the other is a word search. I was thinking about making these myself but there are so many online already that it was easy enough to just do an internet search.

Crossword Puzzle: 

 Word Search: 

Both of these came from Word Mint.


Monday, May 17, 2021

May/June Book: 1984

Well, voting on our first book is now over and the results are definitive! 1984 is the winner!

George Orwell's 1984 came in a strong first with twice as many votes as the runner ups. There were lots of good suggestions and we will likely get to more of these in the future!


1984 - 4
The Screwtape Letters - 2
Atlas Shrugged - 1
Plato's Republic - 2
Saurian Rangers - 1
Brave New World - 2

I am excited to finally read this book because it has such significance in modern society. There are so many parallels between the 1984 dystopian fantasy world and 2021 America (and Europe for that matter).

All forms of the book are accepted and welcome, including hardback, paperback, used, new, kindle, audio books and more. I am partial to physical books, but that's just my own preference.

Let me know if any of you need help getting a copy. If you'd like a new book delivered to your door each month consider subscribing to me on Patreon. It helps me keep the book club afloat, as well as my writing and all other work that I do (and it's very nice).

Feel free to start posting/discussing as soon as you start reading! Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Minds Book Club Website is Here!

 Hey everyone! The Minds book club now has a website. We're on our way to becoming the best book club on the net!

 This site will be an easy way to check up on which book we're reading any given month, vote on our next read, and even submit reviews/articles on literature, for any member who is interested.

One of the best functions of the site is going to be a poll feature (or a link to one) where we can easily vote on which book we're going to read next.

I started this group after a discussion with another Minds user about the importance of reading. According to a Jenkins group survey conducted in 2003, one-third of high school graduates never read another book in their entire lives, and 42% of college graduates will never read another book after college.

Those are pretty frightening statistics and they show us that, sadly, we do not live in a country of readers. I would estimate that that is a huge reason why our society is culturally, morally, and intellectually in a downward spiral.

This group is meant to counteract that illiteracy by promoting great books, good reading habits, and critical thinking. Virtually any book is on the table, including those from conservative authors which would not be allowed at most book clubs. Our movement is positive, intelligent, and rebellious 😉

I will be updating the site periodically to add new features, blog posts, and more. Happy reading!

The Choice is Clear! July/August is Plato's Republic

 The results are in! Although not many voted, the clear winner is The Republic by Plato.  @premieretat did an amazing video on this book wh...